Building Hope Shot - Blog PostIt was 12 years ago today that the Nisqually Earthquake rattled Seattle and caused injuries and damage across the Pacific Northwest. Earthquake safety and preparedness was very much on the minds of the planners, architects and engineers who designed Building Hope. The building is constructed to operate continuously in the event of a future temblor even stronger than the 6.8 Nisqually Earthquake – the big one scientists forecast to strike once every 500 years.

The building’s structural elements exceed even the super-stringent seismic codes developed by regulators in earthquake-prone California. We also invested about $2 million in bracing non-structural elements such as waste disposal lines, ceiling systems and lighting to ensure that these crucial components would remain in place during and after a major quake. If sometime in the future the ground beneath Seattle starts shaking, patients and their families can be assured that Building Hope will both remain standing and continue caring for patients with minimal interruption.