Benches 1 Benches 3  We recently installed two benches outside the emergency entrance to Building Hope. That wouldn’t ordinarily be big news, but these are no ordinary benches. They’re lasting symbols of our commitment to sustainability and our appreciation for our supporters.

Jeff Hughes, our grounds and sustainability manager, made the benches from the wood of poplar, willow and black locust trees that were removed during site preparation for Building Hope. Scanned versions of paper leaves – signed by 150 guests at the 2011 site dedication – are etched into the backs and seats of the benches.

The leaves remind us of the symbols in the center of Native American dream catchers since people signed them in faithful anticipation of Building Hope’s arrival.  They also evoke an old folk saying that you’ll get your wish if you catch a falling leaf before it hits the ground.

We’re pleased the benches will give the trees a second life, honor those who attended the dedication and tell a story of a dream and a wish come true. Three cheers for everyone involved in this unique project.