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New ED Opens Doors This Morning

New ED Exterior 1 New ED Interior New ED Interior 2 New ED Exterior 2Two days after cancer and intensive care patients moved into the top floors of Building Hope, our new Emergency Department opened at 7 a.m. today (April 23) on the ground floor of the building – designated as the Forest zone in our new way finding system. The helistop also moved to a new site in the southwest corner of the Forest zone parking area.

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Simulated Shifts Provide Invaluable Experience

ED 1 ED 3Baseball teams hold spring training to get ready for opening day and the many games ahead. We did the same thing to prepare for the April 21 opening of Building Hope and the many years to come.

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Here’s The Lowdown On The Move-In

Transport_webThe last step in Building Hope’s journey is the most important one. In little more than a week, we will move the first patients into the new building – designated the Forest zone in our new wayfinding system. We began preparing for the move a year ago and are excited to share details of our plan to ensure a safe and smooth transition.

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Intense Preparations Ensure Safe Opening

simteam_web roleplay_web

Don’t let the peaceful scene outside Building Hope fool you. As the calendar brings us closer to the day we welcome the first patients into the Forest zone on April 21st, the inside is buzzing with activity. We began setting up, moving in, testing and training on March 1 and won’t stop until we’ve done everything necessary to provide safe care from day one.

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Access To Patios Restored

Play area 4 play area 2

The completion of Building Hope means we can open the exterior doors that were closed for safety during construction. We’re restoring access to patios outside the Family Resource Center on River 7, the Starbucks on River 3 and various staff lounges. The play area outside the playroom on Mountain 4 is also open. Thanks your patience while access to exterior spaces was restricted. Now get out there and enjoy spring!

Artists See Their Work Come Alive

Artists at BHArtists often show their work in galleries, but it was a special thrill for Amy Ruppel of Portland, Ore., and Ryan Meis and Sarah Labieniec of Lab Partners in Oakland, Calif., to see their designs come alive throughout an entire hospital. They created the artwork for the new wayfinding system for Building Hope and the rest of the Seattle Children’s campus.

We were pleased Amy, Ryan and Sarah visited us last week so we could pass along all the compliments we’ve received about their work. Amy’s art is featured on glass and walls within Building Hope patient units and emergency department while Ryan’s and Sarah’s art is featured in public spaces throughout the campus. They all should be proud.