New ED Exterior 1 New ED Interior New ED Interior 2 New ED Exterior 2Two days after cancer and intensive care patients moved into the top floors of Building Hope, our new Emergency Department opened at 7 a.m. today (April 23) on the ground floor of the building – designated as the Forest zone in our new way finding system. The helistop also moved to a new site in the southwest corner of the Forest zone parking area.

The new ED increases our capacity from 25 rooms to 38 rooms, but we’re especially pleased that it enables us to introduce a more welcoming and efficient model of care. A nurse greets patients and families on arrival to assure care can be started early in the visit.   Each exam room is arranged and equipped identically. If a patient needs specialized care, supplies arrive by cart so the patient doesn’t have to move to a different room. The emergency department also has its own radiology center so patients don’t have to leave the ED for most imaging procedures. 

We made the exam rooms larger to make it easier for family members to remain with patients. “Porches” provide space for families and caregivers to confer right outside each room. And caregivers are stationed in central islands where every room is visible.

Caregivers, patients and families will find a new Starbucks Coffee near the ED entrance. Like the ED, it’s open round-the-clock, but is reserved for caregivers, patients and families. If you’re in the neighborhood and get a sudden urge for a venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha, please visit one of the two Starbucks in nearby University Village. Enjoy!