Construction begins July 7 on a green and serene addition to the Forest Zone – a rooftop terrace that will open in early fall.

A mobile crane will be on site to hoist materials to the roof from July 11-23, Aug. 4-11, Aug. 29 – Sep. 5.

The terrace, which will adjoin the Cancer Care Unit and the physical therapy gym on level eight, will give inpatients, families, visitors and staff a place to take a stroll or rest and reflect in a garden setting designed to feel like a mountain lookout. 

A pathway of smooth pavers – easily navigable by wheelchairs and IV poles – will meander past mounds of small trees, plants, shrubs and groundcovers selected to provide year-round interest. Wood benches will provide places to sit and a small shelter – the focal point of the terrace – will provide cover and a place to gather.

A glass wind and safety barrier will enclose the 1,200-square-foot terrace. Outside the barrier a meadow of grasses and sedums will add beauty while also reducing stormwater runoff.

This is in the first in a series of posts describing upcoming construction projects at Seattle Children’s.