IPU_living_web IPU_RecRoom_webSeattle Children’s is committed to meeting the growing needs of the children and families we serve. Over the next year, we’ll complete a number of important projects to improve and expand our care. This is the first in a series of posts about each project.

We recently started work to expand our Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit to 41 inpatient beds from 20 beds – a much needed increase that will help us better serve our region’s children and families.

Each of the 41 single-patient rooms will accommodate one parent staying with their child. The unit will include a living room, lounge, dining area, classroom, exercise area and recreation room so that patients can easily transition from activity to activity throughout the day.

When work is complete in the spring of 2015, the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit will consist of 16 beds in the existing unit on level four of the River zone and 25 beds on level 5 of the River/Mountain zone. The construction team is working closely with the unit staff, patients and families to ensure everyone is safe and there are no disruptions to patient care during construction.