Seattle Children's HospitalWhen the Forest zone opened in spring 2013, we left some spaces vacant to meet future needs. We recently started construction on 32 new acute care rooms on level four of the Forest zone and 32 new intensive carerooms (16 to be occupied upon completion) on level five.

All of the new rooms are designed the same way as the Forest zone’s current rooms, which provide a morecomfortable environment for parents to remain with their child and a more efficient environment for caregivers to meet patient needs.  In addition, the new intensive care rooms will enable us to treat all of our intensive care patients – except neonatal patients – inthe newest building with the newest technology.

We will finish construction on both floors in summer 2015.  Patients from existing spaces in the River zone will then move to the new spaces in the Forest zone.After they move, we will renovate the spaces vacated in the River zone and reopen them for patient care.

This is another in a series of posts describing upcoming construction projects at Seattle Children’s.