DogOn Thursday, Seattle Parks and Recreation was notified about a blue-green algae present at the Magnuson Park Dog Beach. The algae substance is currently being testing by the Washington Department of Ecology to determine if it is toxic.

Until this issue is resolved, it is very important to keep your pets away from the dog beach and the water. Algal blooms that are toxic can poison animals, wildlife, and people. If your pet has been exposed to the water at the dog park, please make sure that they do not lick their fur and rinse them with clean water. Then, rinse your hands and any exposed skin.

Blooms appear as foam, scum, or streaks on the surface of water and can be green, blue, red, or brown in color. Dogs that are exposed to toxic algae can show severe signs within minutes to hours. Watch for signals such as low energy, weakness, not eating, drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, stumbling, paralysis, seizures, or tremors.

If your pet becomes ill, call your veterinarian immediately. Also, please report animal poisonings to your local health department. You can also notify the Washington Department of Health at: 360.236.3330.