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PBMU Play Yard and Porch Construction Starts Aug. 3

PBMU Play Yard and PorchSeattle Children’s will start construction on a new play yard and porch for its Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit (PBMU) on Aug. 3. The project is expected to wrap up in early December.

In the first phase, the existing play yard slab will be demolished and the water barrier restored. To minimize noise, workers will use concrete saws to remove the slab. A large tent will enclose the work area to contain dust and to prevent water from entering the building while the ground is exposed. Read full post »

Updates on Space in the Forest Zone

Pediatric Intensive Care UnitOn June 28, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) completed its move to a 16-bed unit on level 5 of the Forest zone. There are now a total of 32 PICU beds, 16 on Forest 5 and 16 on Forest 6.

Next, we are planning for the August 30 move of Medical Unit beds to Forest level 4. When the move is complete, we’ll have a total of 48 Medical Unit beds, 32 on Forest 4, and 16 on Forest 5.

After last weekend’s PICU move, Seattle Children’s now has 371 licensed beds, with 314 beds in operation. After the Medical Unit move is complete, 313 beds will be in operation.

Included here is a sneak peek of this new area.