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Truck Activity Along Terry Avenue at Building Cure Site Through March 24

Through Friday, March 24, concrete trucks will enter and exit the Building Cure construction site from Terry Avenue. This allows shoring activities along the west wall to continue. Work should have minimal impact to Terry Avenue as it is a no-parking zone, and the sidewalk along this street currently is closed for construction activities.

We anticipate approximately 20 trucks per day will drive down Terry Avenue during this timeframe. We will run street sweepers to keep Terry Avenue clean and will ensure a flagger is stationed at the corner of Terry and Virginia to assist with safe crossings for the Spruce Street School children during school arrival and departure times.

For concerns or emergency issues regarding this planned work or future construction, please call the Building Cure construction line at 206-219-3157.

Follow Building Cure Construction Progress

Now you can follow construction progress at Building Cure from your desktop or mobile device. A time-lapse camera takes four photos of the site every 20 minutes. View the construction site. Click on the panoramic view icon to see the entire construction site. For a time-lapse video of the construction progress, select one of the views and click on the “Play time-lapse sequence” button near the bottom of the screen.

Traffic and Sidewalk Interruptions on Terry and Virginia Avenues Throughout March

Several Seattle Children’s Research Institute Building Cure construction-related activities that will interrupt traffic and sidewalk flow are slated to take place through the month of March:

  • Week of March 6: Toward the end of this week, the construction crew will be delivering heavy equipment and material onsite to prepare for shoring and mass excavation activities, scheduled to begin on Monday, March 13. Expect increased truck traffic and activity onsite going forward. Flaggers will be stationed at the site entrance on Stewart and Virginia to ensure pedestrian safety as traffic enters and leaves the jobsite.
  • March 13 through March 24: The Virginia Avenue sidewalk will be closed 24 hours a day until Century Link relocation work is complete. Signage and barriers will be provided to ensure pedestrians are diverted from this sidewalk closure.
  • Through March 15: Concrete trucks and pumps will be intermittently stationed on Terry Avenue which could impact sidewalk flow. A flagger will be stationed on Terry Avenue to ensure pedestrian safety during these activities.
  • Beginning March 20: Excavated soils will be removed at night in accordance with City of Seattle Night-Haul Standards. Trucks will be entering and leaving the jobsite from the alley. Flaggers will be stationed at entrances and exits to ensure safe pathway for pedestrians. There should be minimal impact to traffic and sidewalks.


We have received a Noise Variance from the City of Seattle for loading and hauling of the excavated materials. If you have any concerns or emergency issues regarding this planned work or future construction, please call our Building Cure construction contact line at 206-219-3157.