From Dec. 11 to Dec. 14, construction crews will perform work at the hospital associated with the ongoing project to replace the air handling unit. This work will generate noise, but impacts to surrounding neighbors are expected to be minimal. Crews will use a mobile crane on Friday, Dec. 13 and Saturday, Dec. 14 to remove existing equipment from the roof and to place new equipment; the crane will be located on the north side of the building near the Mountain loading dock. The crane will be delivered to the site on Friday, Dec. 13 and will be removed on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Note: This work will occur both day and night from Dec. 11 to Dec. 14. Construction lights will be used at night; those lights will be shielded and are not expected to interfere with neighboring properties. Nighttime construction noise will be minimal.

For additional information, please call the Good Neighbor line at 206-987-8000.

If you have concerns while the work is occurring, please call the construction pager at 206-469-5860.