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Truck Deliveries Begin Friday

Trucks will begin delivering supplies and equipment this Friday for construction occurring within the Forest and River zones. The deliveries will take place along NE 45th Street on a regular basis through May 2015.

The trucks will unload from the walking/biking lane (often referred to as the fire lane), which will be closed so trucks can safely park. Trucks will back in to unload. Please drive carefully when traveling past. We appreciate your patience and caution during the coming months.

Progress Report: Building Out the Forest Zone

Seattle Children's HospitalWhen the Forest zone opened in spring 2013, we left some spaces vacant to meet future needs. We recently started construction on 32 new acute care rooms on level four of the Forest zone and 32 new intensive carerooms (16 to be occupied upon completion) on level five.

All of the new rooms are designed the same way as the Forest zone’s current rooms, which provide a morecomfortable environment for parents to remain with their child and a more efficient environment for caregivers to meet patient needs.  In addition, the new intensive care rooms will enable us to treat all of our intensive care patients – except neonatal patients – inthe newest building with the newest technology.

We will finish construction on both floors in summer 2015.  Patients from existing spaces in the River zone will then move to the new spaces in the Forest zone.After they move, we will renovate the spaces vacated in the River zone and reopen them for patient care.

This is another in a series of posts describing upcoming construction projects at Seattle Children’s.

City Restrings Traffic Signal at Busy Five-Corners Intersection

The city of Seattle is restringing traffic signal wires at the five-way intersection of NE 45thStreet and Sand Point Way NE, near University Village. The work requires intermittent lane closures between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, over the next two weeks. Some work will also occur at night.

The wires, which connect 15 different signal heads, had started to droop. After a truck hit one of the wires this spring, the city accelerated plans to reconfigure the wires, poles and signal heads to make the intersection safer.

Please drive carefully, avoid the intersection whenever possible and expect some delays while the city completes this important project.

Crane Starts Early

A mobile crane helping build our new rooftop terrace will swing into action at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, July 29, to hoist concrete. The dawn start — scheduled for one day only – is necessary because the concrete supplier begins deliveries early.

The terrace will open this fall atop the Forest Zone adjacent to the Cancer Care Unit. The crane will be on site various days through Sept. 5.

Thanks for your patience as we complete this eagerly awaited improvement.

Progress Report: Cardiac Catheterization Labs

Cath Lab_2_edited Cath Lab_1_edited Cath Lab_3_editedTwo new state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization “cath” labs will open late this fall. We’re building the labs in the Mountain zone just outside the former Emergency Department.

Cath labs provide cardiovascular diagnostic services and interventions such as balloon angioplasty, stent placement and other cardiovascular care. The new labs are designed as hybrid spaces where surgical procedures can be performed without needing to transfer patients to an operating room.

New equipment, which won’t fit in the existing space, will emit less radiation. Plus, a new video system will allow the cath lab team to share their work around the world.

This is another in a series of posts describing upcoming construction projects at Seattle Children’s.

Progress Report: Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit

IPU_living_web IPU_RecRoom_webSeattle Children’s is committed to meeting the growing needs of the children and families we serve. Over the next year, we’ll complete a number of important projects to improve and expand our care. This is the first in a series of posts about each project.

We recently started work to expand our Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit to 41 inpatient beds from 20 beds – a much needed increase that will help us better serve our region’s children and families.

Each of the 41 single-patient rooms will accommodate one parent staying with their child. The unit will include a living room, lounge, dining area, classroom, exercise area and recreation room so that patients can easily transition from activity to activity throughout the day.

When work is complete in the spring of 2015, the Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine Unit will consist of 16 beds in the existing unit on level four of the River zone and 25 beds on level 5 of the River/Mountain zone. The construction team is working closely with the unit staff, patients and families to ensure everyone is safe and there are no disruptions to patient care during construction.

Thanks for Helping Us Celebrate

20140614_204 SCH 20140614_010 SCH

We’re pleased so many of our neighbors joined us on Saturday, June 14, as we  celebrated completing phase one of our Livable Streets Initiative and presented Bike to School Month awards in partnership with the Cascade Bicycle Club. Thanks everyone!

Phase one of the Livable Streets Initiative is the first step in a journey that began in 2010 when Seattle Children’s made a commitment to complete various neighborhood transportation improvements as part of our 20-year master plan. After collecting ideas and comments from the community, we identified and completed five phase one projects. They are:

  • Redesigned intersection with new traffic signal and crosswalk at Sand Point Way NE and NE 40th Street.
  • New connection to the Burke-Gilman Trail behind the Hartmann Building.
  • Greenway on 39th Avenue NE.
  • New traffic signal and crossing at NE 52nd Street and Sand Point Way NE.
  • New cycle track/sidewalk along the hospital’s Sand Point Way frontage.

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Rooftop Terrace Construction Starts July 7

Construction begins July 7 on a green and serene addition to the Forest Zone – a rooftop terrace that will open in early fall.

A mobile crane will be on site to hoist materials to the roof from July 11-23, Aug. 4-11, Aug. 29 – Sep. 5.

The terrace, which will adjoin the Cancer Care Unit and the physical therapy gym on level eight, will give inpatients, families, visitors and staff a place to take a stroll or rest and reflect in a garden setting designed to feel like a mountain lookout. 

A pathway of smooth pavers – easily navigable by wheelchairs and IV poles – will meander past mounds of small trees, plants, shrubs and groundcovers selected to provide year-round interest. Wood benches will provide places to sit and a small shelter – the focal point of the terrace – will provide cover and a place to gather.

A glass wind and safety barrier will enclose the 1,200-square-foot terrace. Outside the barrier a meadow of grasses and sedums will add beauty while also reducing stormwater runoff.

This is in the first in a series of posts describing upcoming construction projects at Seattle Children’s.

You May Hear Hammering Saturday

You may hear some hammering on Saturday, June, 21 as workers assemble the structural steel for two new catheterization labs we’re building outside the former emergency department. Work will begin no earlier than 8 a.m. Thanks for your patience.

Concrete Pour Delayed One Day

Workers will pour the concrete slab for two new catheterization labs at 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 14, after rain forced them to postpone a pour scheduled for Friday, June 13. The work may create some truck noise and a concrete boom may be visible. We appreciate your patience while we complete this important task.