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Don’t Be Distracted By Holiday Rush

Be careful out there blog photoThe holiday season brings much joy – and much racing to the mall, rushing to the grocery store and dashing to parties. With so much to do in such a short time, it’s easy to become impatient and distracted behind the wheel. Please drive carefully wherever you’re headed. If your travels take you past the Building Hope construction site, stay alert for flaggers and traffic revision signs. Thanks for your patience … and Happy Holidays!

Countdown Begins to Integrate New Building

River Zone

There’s more to completing our Building Hope expansion than driving the final nail and applying the final coat of paint. We also need to integrate the new building with the existing hospital. That means introducing a new wayfinding system, updating our information system and making other adjustments to meld our growing campus.

 Although Building Hope won’t open its doors until spring, we’re counting the days until we roll out a host of carefully coordinated changes to the existing hospital on Jan. 20. Here’s a preview of what to expect starting with the new wayfinding system.

We’ve reorganized the hospital into four new zones that blend our new spaces with our old spaces and logically divide the campus in a way that makes it easy to navigate.  Each zone has a dedicated color, icon and artistic theme based on a different feature of Pacific Northwest geography. The zones are Forest (green), River (orange), Mountain (purple) and Ocean (blue).

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Building Hope is Lighting Up

The Building Hope site is becoming brighter and safer as more and more exterior lighting is tested, adjusted and turned on. We’ve  activated new street lights along Sand Point Way NE and are about to flip the switch on lights in the landscaped buffer along NE 45th Street. Parking lot lights will follow over the next several weeks.

Share Your Ideas for Trail Connection

We’re designing and building a new connection to the Burke Gilman trail near the Hartman Building at Sand Point Way NE and 40th Avenue NE. You’re invited to share your ideas for the connection at an open house from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. this Saturday, Dec. 15, at Gould Hall at the University of Washington.

Bring the family. We’ll be fitting kids for free bike helmets, providing free bike safety inspections and holding a bicycle fun and safety workshop. Read full post »

One More Time: Please Be Careful!

If we sound like a broken record, it’s because we care. Although most Building Hope work has moved inside, there’s still plenty of construction activity occurring around the perimeter as we improve streets and sidewalks in the area. With great thanks for your patience, we ask again that you heed flaggers and traffic revision signs when traveling near the construction site. Read full post »

Excitement Builds Over New ED

Guest Blog with Dawn Cotter, director of Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at Seattle Children’s provides exceptional care when a seriously ill or injured child needs immediate help. Starting this spring, we’ll also provide an exceptional environment in our new home on the first floor of Building Hope.

We’ve looked forward to this move for a long time. Our staff is an amazing team with a talent for meeting challenges, but our existing ED wasn’t built to accommodate the flood of patients coming through the door. To handle growing volume, we currently care for emergency patients in two separate spaces – an inconvenient and inefficient situation for families and staff alike. Read full post »

Give a Gift That Gives Back

Inspired by our Building Hope expansion, glassybaby stores in University Village, Madrona and Bellevue are donating 10% from sales of a hand-blown glass piece dubbed Hope to the Seattle Children’s Emergency Patient Assistance Fund.

Hope is an opaque votive holder that is pure white and shines with a bright crisp glow when lit. Give one as a holiday gift and you will warm the heart of the recipient through Hope’s beauty and through its support for our emergency patient assistance fund. Read full post »

Dark Days Demand Caution

The winter solstice – when the days finally stop growing shorter and darker — is Dec 21. That’s the good news. The bad news is daylight will remain in short supply – and visibility reduced – for many weeks. As work continues on our Building Hope expansion, please keep a close eye out for flaggers and traffic revision signs when traveling near the construction site. Thanks!


Questions?  Please call:

Information: 206-987-6197

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:
Sellen Construction
Tim McKey
Project Superintendent

A Day to be Thankful


As families across the country gather to feast and give thanks, we’re thankful for the community’s support of our Building Hope expansion and the opportunity to care for more children. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Seattle Children’s.

Be Careful! It’s Monsoon Season

November is Seattle’s rainiest month of the year. Slick pavement, standing water and limited visibility make driving, cycling and walking hazardous. With rain falling in record amounts, please remain alert and be sure to obey all traffic revision signs and flaggers when traveling the streets surrounding our Building Hope construction site. We appreciate your caution and patience as we expand to meet the needs of the community.


Questions? Please call:

Information: 206-987-6197

24-Hour Emergency Hotline:
Sellen Construction
Tim McKey
Project Superintendent