Inside the Walls


Forest Zone level 3 build out

This June, Seattle Children’s plans to begin build-out of level 3 of the Forest Zone. To accomplish this work, we need to temporarily move offices and staff located on this floor to trailers that will be placed in the Forest Service parking area.

We expect to start moving trailers to the parking area on Tuesday, May 26. The vehicles and trailers currently stored there will be moved to another location. Build-out of the level 3 Forest zone is expected to take about a year.

We appreciate your patience with this temporary arrangement as we continue to renovate our facilities. If you have questions or concerns, please call the construction pager at 206-469-5860.

Excitement Builds Over New ED

Guest Blog with Dawn Cotter, director of Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at Seattle Children’s provides exceptional care when a seriously ill or injured child needs immediate help. Starting this spring, we’ll also provide an exceptional environment in our new home on the first floor of Building Hope.

We’ve looked forward to this move for a long time. Our staff is an amazing team with a talent for meeting challenges, but our existing ED wasn’t built to accommodate the flood of patients coming through the door. To handle growing volume, we currently care for emergency patients in two separate spaces – an inconvenient and inefficient situation for families and staff alike. Read full post »

New Model Will Improve ED Flow

Nobody looks forward to visiting the Emergency Department, but when the need arises, families deserve a safe, timely and welcoming experience. Seattle Children’s will raise the bar this spring when our ED moves into the first floor of Building Hope.

The new ED increases capacity, expands the size of patient rooms and arranges the rooms around central work stations that improve staff visibility, teamwork and communication. But the physical changes are just the beginning. After years of planning and with input from families and staff, we’re improving the way patients and families flow through the ED and how caregivers respond to their needs. Read full post »

Murals Add Comforting Touch

Building Hope is first and foremost a place of healing, but it’s also a canvas for artists to help us create a comforting and welcoming environment. As workers begin to put the finishing touches on the building, we’re pleased to share another example of the art featured throughout the facility.

Lab Partners of Oakland, California designed a series of wall murals for the elevator banks on each floor. The soothing scenes in their woodland designs take their cue from our new wayfinding system that divides our campus into four nature-inspired zones. Building Hope is in the Forest Zone.

Read full post »

GetWell Town Will Brighten Hospital Stays

Children leave a lot behind when they come to the hospital – school, friends and activities. Time drags and they feel bored and isolated. They and their families also have lots of questions about what to expect during their stay. GetWell Town is an interactive media system that uses the bedside TV to inform, educate and entertain patients and their families at the hospital. And it’s coming to Building Hope when the doors open this spring. Read full post »

Introducing PICU East


As we complete the skybridge connecting our Building Hope expansion to rest of the hospital, certain spaces in the existing building must temporarily close as the skybridge is punched through on five levels. That includes part of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) containing seven beds. The problem is we can’t take so many beds out of service – not even temporarily – because the entire region depends on the PICU to care for kids who are fighting for their lives. The solution: move six beds into a new area dubbed PICU East. Read full post »

Honesty and Understanding Aid Cancer Fight

Cancer isn’t something that only happens to other people. I know because it happened to me. My name is Emma. I’m 19 and live in Seattle with my family. This fall, I’m beginning culinary classes at Seattle Central Community College, but four years ago, I was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma at Seattle Children’s. Read full post »

Inside the Walls Goes Outside

Our Inside the Walls series continues with a look outside the walls of Building Hope, where we’re working to make it as convenient as possible for families, visitors and others to come and go – starting with adding a new elevator. The elevator will carry people one level from the building’s new inpatient parking area to the existing Giraffe entrance – which serves as the front door to the entire hospital. After Building Hope opens, we will remove the temporary vestibule and make some needed improvements to flow at that entrance. Read full post »

Sky Bridge Work Forces Temporary Closures

In this installment of Inside the Walls, we’d like to share some important details about the sky bridges that will connect five levels of Building Hope to the Train zone of the existing hospital. During sky bridge construction – beginning this October – parts of levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Train zone will close as the bridges are punched through. Read full post »

Reducing Waits, Preventing Errors

We set many goals while planning our Building Hope expansion. One of the most important: delivering care as efficiently as possible.  In the last post, CPI Guides Our Quest to Fight Waste, we shared some examples of how Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) methods are guiding our efforts to reduce waste and increase safety. Here are some other examples. Read full post »