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Excitement Builds Over New ED

Guest Blog with Dawn Cotter, director of Emergency Services

The Emergency Department at Seattle Children’s provides exceptional care when a seriously ill or injured child needs immediate help. Starting this spring, we’ll also provide an exceptional environment in our new home on the first floor of Building Hope.

We’ve looked forward to this move for a long time. Our staff is an amazing team with a talent for meeting challenges, but our existing ED wasn’t built to accommodate the flood of patients coming through the door. To handle growing volume, we currently care for emergency patients in two separate spaces – an inconvenient and inefficient situation for families and staff alike. Read full post »

An Exceptional Healing Environment for Cancer Patients

Guest Blog with Susan Geiduschek, Director, Hematology/Oncology & Inpatient SCCA

Children who are fighting for their lives deserve the best – the best treatment, the best medical staff and the best facilities. The Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at Seattle Children’s has always provided exceptional care. As we prepare to move into Building Hope next spring, we look forward to providing an exceptional healing environment.

There’s a lot for everyone to be excited about in the new building. Because we’re expanding the cancer unit to 48 beds, every patient will have their own room. That alone is a huge improvement. When patients share a room, it’s more challenging to control infection – and more difficult for families to find the privacy they need. A cancer diagnosis is a long and difficult journey with many different emotional stages. Private rooms will make patients and families feel more comfortable during the highs and lows of this very personal experience. Read full post »

Timeline Describes Monthly Milestones

Guest Blog with Todd Johnson, VP Facilities

As we count down to the opening of Building Hope in April, I’m pleased to share the latest monthly milestones for the building and related projects.

October – Curb extensions along 40th Avenue NE. Grading and paving on north side of Building Hope site. Elevator from inpatient parking lot to Train entrance. Grading and other work on east, south and west sides of site.

October/December – Construction fence removed. Temporary construction fence in place

December – Sand Point Way improvements, including a new traffic signal and a two-way cycle track in front of the hospital with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians Read full post »

Honesty and Understanding Aid Cancer Fight

Cancer isn’t something that only happens to other people. I know because it happened to me. My name is Emma. I’m 19 and live in Seattle with my family. This fall, I’m beginning culinary classes at Seattle Central Community College, but four years ago, I was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma at Seattle Children’s. Read full post »

Honored to Host His Hizzoner


We’re honored to report that Seattle Mayor Michael McGinn recently paid a visit to our Building Hope expansion. The mayor was joined by Diane Sugimura, director of Planning and Development, and other members of his staff as he toured the Emergency Department, a patient care unit and other key spaces within the building.

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Open House Kicks Off Livable Streets Work

Guest Blog with Paulo Nunes-Ueno, Director of  Transportation & Sustainability

If success can be measured in numbers of smiling kids, our Livable Streets Open House was off-the-charts. We tuned up bikes, gave away bike helmets and watched dozens of happy children take a spin around our skills and thrills bike course. The event also succeeded on another level as we once again connected with the community to share information about our Livable Streets Initiative. Thank you to all who attended. Read full post »

A Commitment to Safer, Healthier Streets

Guest Blog with Paulo Nunes-Ueno, Director of  Transportation & Sustainability

In my last two blogs, I described how sustainability drove the choice of building materials for our Building Hope expansion and how the new facility will conserve natural resources.  But our commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment extends beyond our campus. As we planned the expansion, we created a Livable Streets initiative that supports our focus on green and sustainable design by improving how people travel to and from Seattle Children’s. Read full post »

Conservation strategies, going the extra mile

Guest Blog with Paulo Nunes-Ueno, Director of Transportation & Sustainability

Seattle Children’s is committed to designing, constructing and operating all of our facilities in the most sustainable way we can. As we planned our Building Hope expansion, we went the extra mile to go green.

In my last blog, I shared with you how sustainability drove our choice of building materials. Here are some details about how we’ll conserve natural resources and improve the natural habitat. Read full post »

Healthy Choices Drive Design and Construction

Guest Blog with Paulo Nunes-Ueno, Director of  Transportation & Sustainability

Our first priority when we started planning our Building Hope expansion was to create a safe, healing and welcoming environment for patients and families. But we didn’t stop there. We also committed to making the healthiest choices possible in every phase of design and construction – healthy for the building’s occupants, the neighborhood and the planet. Read full post »

A Year in the Making, One Year to Go

Guest Blog with Todd Johnson, VP Facilities

When I look at our Building Hope expansion, I’m amazed at how much progress we’ve made. Last year at this time, we were still excavating the site. Today, the building looks at first glance like it could open could next week – not next year – as exterior work is virtually complete. Read full post »