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Tree Pruning at Hospital Campus on Jan. 4

On Friday, Jan. 4, Bartlett Tree Experts will prune trees on the south side of NE 50th Street. Bartlett will “limb up” trees along the sidewalk to provide 14 feet of vertical clearance above the road and sidewalk. Chainsaws and wood chippers will be used, which will generate noise, and the sidewalk on the south side of 50th Street will be blocked. This work will occur between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Contact Lisa King at 206-510-8481 if you have questions.

Tree Removal at Hospital, Sept. 17 to Sept. 19; Parking Restrictions Sept. 17

Bartlett Tree Experts will remove some large trees around the perimeter of the hospital campus from Sept. 17 to Sept. 19. The work will proceed as follows:

  • Monday, Sept. 17: Crews will remove two trees at the Metro route 78 bus stop and turnaround on the southeast corner of the hospital campus. The stop (number 29091) and turnaround will be closed while the trees are removed. Metro will reroute bus 78 that day along 45th Avenue NE and 46th Avenue NE to serve as a temporary turnaround. To accommodate buses, no parking will be allowed on the east side of 45th Avenue and along both sides of 46th Avenue near the intersection with NE 47th Street that day. National Barricade will place “no parking” signs on Friday, Sept. 14 with the date and time of the parking restriction.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 18: Crews will remove one tree at the southwest corner of the hospital campus, near the intersection of 40th Avenue NE and NE 45th Street. Crews will also prune two trees near Sand Point Way south of Penny Drive. No traffic or parking disruptions are anticipated.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19: Crews will remove three trees on the south side of NE 47th Street between 44th Avenue NE and 45th Avenue NE. Bartlett Tree Experts will park their boom truck on NE 47th Street to access the trees. No traffic or parking disruptions are anticipated.

This work will include noise from chainsaws and chippers. The tree removal will take place each day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please call 206-987-8000 or email [email protected] with questions.

Potentially toxic algae reported at Magnuson Park Dog Beach—keep your pets away until further notice

DogOn Thursday, Seattle Parks and Recreation was notified about a blue-green algae present at the Magnuson Park Dog Beach. The algae substance is currently being testing by the Washington Department of Ecology to determine if it is toxic.

Until this issue is resolved, it is very important to keep your pets away from the dog beach and the water. Algal blooms that are toxic can poison animals, wildlife, and people. Read full post »

Saving Trees is Second Nature

A tree is a terrible thing to waste. Jeff Hughes, grounds and sustainability manager at Seattle Children’s, is constantly saving or recycling trees displaced by construction around our campus. The latest example: six trees that must be removed from the median on Sand Pont Way NE near 40th Avenue NE where we’re installing a new traffic light and bike/pedestrian crossing. 

Hughes will dig up three cedar trees and replant them in a nearby site on our campus. Three pin oaks, which wouldn’t survive being transplanted, will be cut down but their wood will be saved to create benches.  Read full post »

A Second Serving of Tree Trivia

Waldo’s recent blog about trees made us wonder how many different kinds of trees grow on our campus. The answer: 409. There are 143 evergreen species, 241 deciduous species and 25 species of fruit trees. The oldest tree is a Douglas fir that’s likely more than 100 years old, said Jeff Hughes, grounds and sustainability manager. Read full post »

A Tree-mendous Transplant

Here at Seattle Children’s, we have lots of experience performing transplants, but we’ve never worked with a patient weighing 130,000 pounds before. That’s the weight of a scarlet oak tree we moved last week using a crane and a flatbed trailer. Read full post »

Displaced Trees Head to New Old Digs

After waiting more than a year to sink their roots again, seven trees we salvaged from the Building Hope construction site are returning to their former environs. The trees will be dispersed around the grounds – mostly on the north side of the building. The trees – three quite large – will be prepped for their move from our tree storage area Tuesday, May 29. Over the next two days, a crane will lift them on and off a trailer that will haul them to their new old digs. All work will occur within the construction site and generate little if any noise.


A Tale of Two Benches

Some people would look at vegetation covering a construction site as something to chop down and haul away. Not Jeff Hughes, grounds and sustainability manager at Seattle Children’s. When site preparation began for our Building Hope expansion, Hughes saw the property’s trees, shrubs and plants as something to rescue and replant elsewhere on the hospital campus. Read full post »

Landscaping Continues to Take Shape Around Construction Site

Lots of work is underway on various landscaping features surrounding the existing and new hospital buildings.

Along the west side of the existing building, crews are grading for the fire lane which consists of a concrete walkway and retaining wall. Concrete and pump trucks and other equipment will be onsite to complete this work by mid-February.

Crews are also working to install the retaining wall and concrete stairs at the southeast corner of the site. Read full post »