Brrrrr! It’s getting cold outside, Waldo fans, but I just bundle up and keep on trucking because there’s too much to see to stay inside. The other day I watched workers pour the concrete for a new landing place for helicopters.

Most kids come to Seattle Children’s with their parents. Others come in ambulances. A few who are very, very sick or badly hurt come by helicopter because they’re far away and need to get here as soon as possible.

The new landing place – called a helistop – is near the new building that’s under construction. When the new building is finished, the emergency department will move in the first floor. The emergency department is where kids go when they need help right away. The new helipad and a special walkway will make it easy for kids to be taken from the helicopter straight to the new emergency department.

The helicopters are sort of like flying emergency departments. They carry nurses who can start helping kids even before the helicopters land. There are four of these special helicopters based at different places around the area. They can fly 160 miles per hour – more than twice as fast as cars travel on the freeway – and bring kids to the hospital from 150 miles away.

I’d sure like to see a helicopter land at the hospital, but they only come here four or five times a month. If I see one, I’ll tell you all about it. So long!


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