River Zone

There’s more to completing our Building Hope expansion than driving the final nail and applying the final coat of paint. We also need to integrate the new building with the existing hospital. That means introducing a new wayfinding system, updating our information system and making other adjustments to meld our growing campus.

 Although Building Hope won’t open its doors until spring, we’re counting the days until we roll out a host of carefully coordinated changes to the existing hospital on Jan. 20. Here’s a preview of what to expect starting with the new wayfinding system.

We’ve reorganized the hospital into four new zones that blend our new spaces with our old spaces and logically divide the campus in a way that makes it easy to navigate.  Each zone has a dedicated color, icon and artistic theme based on a different feature of Pacific Northwest geography. The zones are Forest (green), River (orange), Mountain (purple) and Ocean (blue).

Featured in new signage and other design elements, this union of color, icon and art will visibly distinguish each zone. The natural imagery will create a healing environment and inspire artwork that tells a story, is fun to look at and provides a positive distraction for people of all ages.

We’re also renumbering all floors and rooms throughout the hospital because the addition of Building Hope adds two new floors at the ground level. They will become levels 1 and 2 of the hospital. The existing floor 1 will become level 3, floor 2 will become level 4 and so on. Room numbers on each floor will change as well. Other elements and spaces are getting new names that reflect the new zones and themes. This includes elevators, parking areas and priority public destinations such as the pharmacy, cafeteria and library.

We’re replacing the old signage now and covering it with temporary signage based on the existing system. We’ll unveil all the new signage along with other changes on Jan. 20.

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