Transport_webThe last step in Building Hope’s journey is the most important one. In little more than a week, we will move the first patients into the new building – designated the Forest zone in our new wayfinding system. We began preparing for the move a year ago and are excited to share details of our plan to ensure a safe and smooth transition.

Schedule — Cancer patients and patients from the Pediatric and Cardiac Intensive Care units will move on Sunday, April 21. The new Emergency Department – including the new helistop – will open on Tuesday, April 23, at 7 a.m. Patients being treated in the existing ED will be discharged, admitted to the hospital or transferred to the new ED.

Rehearsal – We staged a simulated move that enabled us to test scenarios, train staff, fix any remaining bugs and develop contingency plans in case anything unexpected occurs.

Support – Shifts of specially trained “super-users” will work around the clock in each new unit to aide in the transition. Additional cancer and intensive care physicians will also be on hand.

Final countdown – Staff will assess each patient on Saturday, April 20, to determine the support they need and  assign them a room. Families will be invited to tour their new spaces and some patients will be able to move belongings into their new rooms.

Shuttle/parking changes – Starting on Monday, April 22, the shuttle pick-up and drop-off location moves from River 3 to the shuttle hub near the new ED. Parking at our main campus may be limited on Monday, April 22, and Tuesday, April 23, because of the additional personnel on hand to help with the move. Anyone who normally travels to the main campus by personal vehicle should consider using alternate transportation those days.

Other details – Ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the intensive care units and the adolescent/young adult floor of the cancer care unit will take place just before the move begins on Sunday, April 21.  Members of the media will be on site to report the building’s opening.