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Seals and Beavers and Squirrels… Oh My! Hospital Wayfinding Changes Are Right on Schedule

River Blog Post Ocean Blog Post Mountain Blog Post  The weekend we’ve been planning for is here! All of the zones, signs and room numbers at the main hospital campus are changing over to our new wayfinding system. New zones and artwork reflect Pacific Northwest natural environments: Forest (the new Building Hope expansion), River, Mountain and Ocean. The changeover is running right on schedule, and we plan to officially begin using the new zones and room numbers on Sunday, Jan. 20. Learn more about the changes…

Rooftop Menagerie Migrating

Giraffe Moving - PR Team photo

The giraffe’s and their animal friends that have inhabited the roof at  Seattle Children’s will migrate from their perch Saturday.

They are the last of numerous decorative animal figures to leave their longtime locations in and around the hospital. We‘re finding new homes for each of them – at other Children’s sites or with other organizations – because we’re introducing a new campus wide wayfinding system Jan. 20.  The new system is based on a different set of themes – Forest, River, Mountain, Ocean – so many of the animals would be out of place in their former spots.

We invited everyone to pose for a commemorative photo last week with the departing animals that resided inside the hospital– two giraffe and a zebra. We photographed more than 500 people! Thanks to everyone who helped bid a fond farewell to these cherished figures.

Trailers Hit the Road

Sellen Construction is removing the trailers it set up when it began work on Building Hope more than two years ago. Some are being demolished and recycled while five will be taken apart and hauled away in sections next week. 

Some of the trailer sections will be moved to 40th Avenue NE  during the day before being hauled away at night because they are oversize. We appreciate your patience as we take another step toward completing our expansion.

Icy Roads Are No Treat

Ice is great for skating and keeping drinks cold, but driving? Not so much. When the sun goes down, so do temperatures, and any moisture that appears on the road during the day can become black ice at night. Take special care rounding corners and going downhill and give yourself plenty of room to brake.  We appreciate your extra caution around the Building Hope construction site.


Intersection Work Rolls Toward Completion

Signal Update Jan 14th Blog PostBear with us just a little longer. The traffic disruptions caused by work on a redesigned intersection at 40th Avenue NE and Sand Point Way NE will end in the next few weeks when we complete construction and activate the new traffic signal.

We recently installed the second of two signal arms and removed a number of street trees so we can add a left turn lane onto 40th Avenue NE. The signal, turn lane and crosswalks will help traffic flow smoother and make it safe for pedestrians and cyclists to cross Sand Point Way at this busy spot.  

Thanks once again for your continued patience as we complete this project and please remain alert for flaggers and signs indicating temporary traffic revisions.

Giraffe Vestibule Set For Removal

Progress Photos 01-13-11 005The completion of paving and landscaping near the Giraffe entrance to Seattle Children’s means we can remove the temporary vestibule we built outside the entrance. The vestibule will be dismantled Saturday, Jan. 19.  

We built the vestibule to protect our fragile patients from dust and debris during Building Hope construction. An industrial hygienist, who regularly tests the air in and around the hospital, recently determined the vestibule was no longer required.  Read full post »

Pose With Animals Before They Depart

Giraffe - Blog PostWe’re rounding up and relocating many of the decorative animals that make their homes in Seattle Children’s hallways. But first we’re inviting everyone to be photographed with a giraffe or zebra – or both.

 Our photographer will take commemorative photos on the first floor of the Giraffe Building near the vending machines on: Thursday, Jan. 10, from 2-7 p.m. and Saturday, Jan. 12, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. We’ll email your pictures a few weeks later.

Read full post »

A Cold Reminder: Drive Safely

Frosty lawns and frozen windshields are sure signs that Old Man Winter has a firm grip on the weather. As overnight temperatures flirt with the freezing level, roads can get deceptively icy even without snow. Please drive safely and – as always – remain alert for flaggers and traffic revisions around the Building Hope construction site. We appreciate your patience.

Restroom Doors Combine Safety and Beauty

Shower Door Art 2Restroom doors don’t  have to be just doors. They can also contribute to a safe and serene environment. The sliding glass doors in each patient room of our Building Hope expansion feature designs by artist Amy Ruppel – part of our use of artwork throughout the building to create an overall sense of healing.

Ruppel created four different forest scenes. One of the four is etched into each panel of the door. Every door includes one panel with the same design. The second panel features one of the other scenes. Read full post »

Holidays Bring Short Pauses

Blog - Holiday Short Pauses Time Outt 

Building Hope construction will take a short pause during the holidays. There will be no work on Jan. 1.  We wish much joy to you and your family during this special time of year.